Travertine Classic Light

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Travertine Classic Light

The Travertino Romano Classico Light is the Italian travertine with a light creamy beige color, it can have a wavy pattern. Its main feature is its clarity. Sometimes it is called light beige travertine. The Classico Light is a Roman Travertine ideal both for internal coverings, with polished and smooth finishes, but also excellent for exteriors with grouting, brushing and bush-hammering treatments. The possibility of cutting it into the pitch and counter pitch enhances some of its peculiarities:

  • Classic Light travertine, if cut parallel to the brim, shows a cloudy effect with tone on tone nuances and a much more compact appearance.
  • The Classic Light travertine, if cut counter-pitch (therefore orthogonally) makes the slightly darker veins visible, highlighting the homogeneity, compactness and structure of the Classic Light travertine itself.

It can be grouted with cement, mastic and / or transparent resin and then brushed, sanded or polished. The Travertino Romano Classico Light could be defined as the most chameleon-like Roman travertine par excellence, it is combined with other types of travertine, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Extracted from the travertine quarries of Tivoli and Guidonia, it is compact and uniform.
Romano Travertino Classico Light can be made with different types of finishes: we can make polished Classico Light travertine, polished Classic Light travertine, brushed Classic Light travertine, bush-hammered Classic Light travertine, Classic Light travertine with resin and mastic grouting.
The availability of Travertino Romano Classico Light is in blocks, slabs